What are Standard Fees and Credits? 

The Food Corridor helps you keep your kitchen's fees and credits organized and automated to handle all kitchen occurrences. You can add recurring fees and credits, as well as one-time fees and credits to clients’ accounts. 

You can assign fees and credits to your clients based on your kitchen policies. 

  • Recurring fees: These are fees that you want to charge on a recurring basis, whether it's monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Any charge that's not related to time in the kitchen or storage can be added as a fee. For instance, ongoing services, parking, cleaning, or other annual or monthly fees that you charge. Recurring fees are applied to your clients' bills and charged on the kitchen's monthly billing date per the the recurring nature of the fee (e.g. monthly, yearly, etc.) until the fee is removed. 

  • One-time fees: These are fees that you want to charge for one-off situations, such as deposits, key replacements, delivery signing, consulting, storage violations, cleaning violations, late payment fees, events, etc. When you assign a one-time fee to a client, you can choose if you'd like the fee to be charged on the spot, on a future date, or added to a client's monthly bill. 

  • Credits: Recurring and one-time credits are helpful for giving a recurring discount to a client, or for those one-off occurrences. When assigning one-item credit to a client, you can choose if you'd like the credit to be applied instantly or applied to a client's monthly bill. If you make a mistake and would like to zero out their credit balance, please see here.

Add your Standard Fees and Credits 

Go to your Kitchen Settings tab > Standard Fees/Credits > Add Standard Fee/Credit. Name your fee and assign a standard price. Add as many Standard Fees and Credits as you'd like.

Assign your standard fees to your clients
Assign standard fees to your clients once their accounts are added. Follow these steps

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