Off peak hours can be set for each calendar, and a different hourly rate can be set for those hours on that calendar. 

Each calendar can have a timeframe for off-peak hours (e.g. 11pm-5am), in order for the off-peak rate to apply automatically when a client creates a booking in that window of time. 

This setting will only apply to clients on hourly plans and credit-based monthly plans, because for clients on time-based monthly plans, every booked hour is applied equally to their plan usage.  

Set, remove, or edit off-peak hours and the rate

Go to Kitchen Settings > Calendars > pencil icon to edit 

In order to have the hourly rate "trump" the off-peak hour rate instead, simply remove any off-peak hours from each calendar's settings by unchecking the box. With no off-peak rates, the hourly price of the calendar will take precedence.

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