For billing data, you have access to three sources of information around The Food Corridor platform:

  1. Your TFC reports (both HTML view and CSV download)

  2. Stripe reports (exported into CSVs)

  3. Your Stripe dashboard

These all have different strengths and weaknesses.  

TFC reports:

  • Show summaries and breakdowns of all billed invoices, including client name, invoice number, charge type, description, billed date, tax amount, platform fees, and gross and net revenue

  • Include manual (cash or check) payments 

  • Are run against The Food Corridor's server and can be tweaked by TFC

  • Count any ACH payment as successful until it fails

  • Refunds may slightly lag behind what is shown in Stripe

Please contact The Food Corridor if your reporting needs are not being met.

Stripe reports:

  • Have a lot of data in them 

  • Include all payments that have been processed through Stripe   

  • Also include any other Stripe transactions your kitchen may have made

The Stripe dashboard:

  • Is great for general trends and is easy to use 

  • However, the numbers in the Stripe dashboard, per support emails from Stripe, are not accurate. As of February 2018: "At the moment [the dashboard is] great for trends and getting a very generalized overview, but for specific information it's best to head to the analytics section or the respective reports. I'm afraid I've not got a timeline to say when the graph will be more reliable in terms of numbers, but we're hoping to tackle it soon."

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