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Third, the help center is going to have lots of information in it and you can browse it whenever you'd like.

Finally, here are some specific things you need to do:

  • Double check that you can sign into the kitchen manager account.

  • Make sure your email address is associated with the kitchen manager account (under Account Settings > My Account) and is verified. This way you'll be notified when invoices are available for review and other important events.

  • Update the contact name on your kitchen account (under Account Settings > Profile Information).

  • Make sure the notification settings are correct (under Account Settings > Notification), so you are notified via email when client payments fail, etc. 

  • Double check that you can sign into Stripe, and update the email address in your kitchen's Stripe account (under Billing tab > View Stripe Dashboard)

  • Update the contact information on your kitchen's listing on The Kitchen Door

Finally, please reach out and say hi to us using the chat box or sending an email to

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