• 2-3 business days after you enter your bank account and routing number in your Food Corridor account settings, our payment processor will deposit two amounts under $1 in your bank account. This is to verify that this is in fact your bank account. (For slower banks and credit unions, sometimes these deposits can take up to a week or more to show up in your bank account.)

  • Look for these amounts in your bank account. The statement description for these deposits will include "AMNTS:" and then the values of the two microdeposits that were sent.

I entered the amounts but they weren't accepted.

  • Try this: Enter the number of cents as a whole number. For instance, if you had $0.08 and $0.75 deposited, enter 8 and 75 into the form. This verifies that you own the bank account.

I tried this, but my account still isn't verified.

  • Reach out to The Food Corridor via the chat bubble at the bottom of your Food Corridor account and we'll do some digging into what may be causing the issue.

Why don't I have microdeposits yet?

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