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What are Space Calendars?

Space Calendars represent individual spaces (rooms, stations, areas) of your kitchen that can be booked by your clients. You can create as many Space Calendars as you’d like. Once a space is booked by a food business, no one else can book it. 

Examples include 

  • Rooms: Catering Kitchen, Bakeshop, Packing Room, Scullery (dish room) 

  • Areas: Kitchen A, Kitchen B, Kitchen C

  • Stations or pods: Station 1, Station 2, Pod 1, Pod 2

Create a Space Calendar 

Go to your Kitchen Settings > Calendars  > Add New Space Calendar.

Space Name. Create a system for your spaces by naming the spaces or rooms in your kitchens using an alphanumeric system or distinctly name each space.

Description. Describe this Space Calendar. What is included in this space? What equipment is here? What policies apply to this space? Note: separate reservable equipment can be added separately.

Default hourly rate. Assign a default price to the Space Calendar. This price will be applied to clients on the Hourly Plan and a Credit Based Monthly Plan.

Minimum booking length. What is the minimum number of hours a client must book for this Space Calendar? For example, 1.5 hours. Note that you can change your booking increments to allow for bookings in 30 or 60 minute increments (change scheduling increments in your Kitchen Settings tab > Scheduling).

Taxable. Check this box if you want to add a tax percent to all bookings on this calendar. Note: You must define your kitchen's tax rate in your Kitchen Settings tab > Taxes.

Off-peak hourly rate. Some kitchens want to incentivize the use of off-peak hours by offering a discounted price. If you have off-peak hours associated with this calendar, check the box, add your off-peak hourly price, and choose when the off-peak hours start and end. The off-peak hours will only apply to this Space Calendar, for clients on the Hourly Plan or a Credit Based Monthly Plan. You will need to add off-peak hours to each calendar individually. For Time-Based plans, you will set the off-peak hour rates within the plan itself, which will override any off-peak calendar rates you have set in the space calendars.

Hours of Operation. You can set hours of operation for each space in your kitchen. Clients will only be able to book during open hours. You can override this and create bookings whenever you want.

Approved color. Choose a color to be associated with this Space Calendar. This is the color that will be seen when a space has been booked. We recommend a different color for each space calendar.

Submitted color. This is the color that appears for bookings submitted by a client, but that are not yet approved (i.e. requires your action). This is a notification color for you as an administrator. We recommend leaving this Dark Red for all Space Calendars.

Save your Space Calendar. 

Continue to add a new Space Calendar for each bookable space you have in your kitchen.

Edit a Space Calendar

To update a space calendar (change the description, rate, off-peak rate, minimum booking length, color, etc.), go to your Kitchen Settings > Calendars tab and simply click the pencil icon to the right of the calendar name.

Pro Tip

Now that you have your calendars set-up, you can test a mock Food Business Account, to understand what your clients will see on their dashboards. Simply create a mock food business account.

  1. Book time on your Kitchen Calendar as the Food Business

  2. Approve bookings through your Kitchen Account (in your Scheduling tab)

Tip: If you use your mock Food Business profile in a different browser, you can use both accounts at the same time.

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