Set-up your Equipment Calendars

Add your kitchen's reservable equipment

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What are Equipment Calendars?

Equipment Calendars typically include mobile pieces of equipment or add-ons that you want to be reservable by your clients as part of their space booking.

  • Examples may include: mixers, food processors, hand immersion blenders, fryers, bottling lines, staff labor, etc. 

A food business can only reserve equipment as part of their space booking.  Once an equipment item is reserved, it cannot be reserved by anyone else. These help kitchen managers track usage and forecast future equipment purchases. 

Create an Equipment Calendar

Go to your Kitchen Settings > Calendars > Equipment Calendars > Add New

Name the Equipment, add a default hourly price (or $0 if you don't want to charge for it), add the inventory (number you have in stock), choose a type from the drop down, and select a color for calendar viewing.

You can even inventory your equipment by adding the make, model and serial number.

Click Save.

Continue creating as many Equipment Calendars as you would like!

Once you build all of your Space Calendars and Equipment Calendars, you can view them all together from your Scheduling tab. The Daily View is also a helpful snapshot of what's happening in your kitchen on any given day.

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