Set-up your Storage and Storage Fees

Add your storage inventory

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The Food Corridor lets you inventory and assign all of your cold and dry storage. 

How it Works

Simply identify your smallest units of storage spaces (rack, tray, etc.) and their monthly cost, and inventory the number of units of that type of space that is rentable. Like billing plans and recurring monthly fees, storage units are individually applied to your clients' accounts. Clients will be invoiced and billed monthly for their assigned storage units, until the storage is updated or removed.

The system will also track your kitchen’s storage inventory and utilization, which you can pull any time from your Reporting Tab.

Add your Kitchen’s Storage Availability

Go to your Kitchen Settings tab > Storage Units > New Storage Unit.

Name/describe the unit of storage (rack, tray, pallet, sqft. etc), select the type, enter the inventory (number of units available to rent), and the monthly cost per unit. Click Save. 

Continue to add all of your storage inventory.

Assign your storage to your clients
Assign storage units to your clients once their accounts are added. Follow these steps.

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