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I want to collect tax. How can I do so?
I want to collect tax. How can I do so?
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To collect tax from your clients via The Food Corridor, you need to do the following.

  • provide a tax rate in your kitchen settings. This will be a percentage. So you'd enter '10.5' if the tax rate was 10.5%.

  • update/set any broad categories to be taxable or not taxable. This includes items like monthly plans, storage units and cancellation fees

  • update/set any calendars to be taxable or not taxable. This includes space or equipment calendars.

  • update/set any standard fees as taxable or not taxable.

  • update any recurring monthly fees as taxable or not taxable

  • any time you assess a one time custom fee, you'll need to decide if the fee is taxable

After you've done this, when an invoice is created, the appropriate items will have the singular tax rate assessed and billed automatically.

The tax rate will only be added to invoices generated after the tax rate and taxable settings are set. If the tax rate changes, only invoices created after that change will have the new tax rate.

You'll be able to see a record of tax receipts by month by category in the reports.

Kitchens are responsible for remitting tax to the appropriate authority and for determining the appropriate tax rate and taxable services. (Translation--you tell us what to do and we'll do it!)

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