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Does The Food Corridor have a Referral Program?
Does The Food Corridor have a Referral Program?

Referring a new kitchen to The Food Corridor

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Yes! The Food Corridor offers a Give $100, Get $100 referral program. That means if you refer a new kitchen to The Food Corridor, we'll give you both $100 off!

Here's how it works:

  • Click the Settings Gear in the upper right-hand corner of your Food Corridor account. Choose "Refer-a-Friend Get $100".

  • Copy the link and send it to a kitchen that you think should use The Food Corridor. 

  • When they sign up with your referral link, they'll get $100 off their first month. When they pay for their second month, you'll get $100 off your next month. 

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  • There is no limit to the number of kitchens you can refer to The Food Corridor.

  • The kitchen being referred must not currently be using The Food Corridor or have notified The Food Corridor that they plan to start using The Food Corridor coming soon.

  • The referral program is only available for paid subscription plans. 

  • For kitchens on the Per User plan ($19/client/month), your next monthly payment will be waived, up to $100.

  • For kitchens that pay annually, you will get $100 (x your number of referrals!) off your next annual payment. 

Contact us if you have any questions about the referral program.

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