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Restricting Access to Space Calendars
Restricting Access to Space Calendars

Assigning and restricting client access to specific space calendars

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You have the ability to restrict clients' access to certain space calendars, in the event that not all space calendars are available for booking by all clients. For example:

  • Client A works full time in Kitchen A, which should not be booked by other clients. You can restrict bookings for Kitchen A to just Client A.


  • Event Space A is only available to be booked by a kitchen administrator. You can restrict bookings for this space calendar such that no clients are able to view or make bookings on this space calendar.

To assign which space calendars a client is able to make bookings on: Go to your Clients tab > Click on a Client profile > General.

Under Settings (bottom right) click Edit and under Bookable Spaces turn 'Book in All Spaces' off with the toggle. The 'Select Calendars' drop-down will appear for you to select the calendar(s) you would like the client to have access to.

If the client is able to create bookings on all space calendars, turn the 'Book in All Spaces' toggle ON (will turn green when on).

Click Save once you have made your changes.


What if I want to allow a client a one-time booking on a restricted space calendar?

  • A kitchen manager can override the setting by creating bookings for any client on every space.

My client previously had access to a space calendar and still has bookings scheduled.

  • In the event that a client has a booking on a space calendar they no longer have access to (e.g. if the booking already existed, or if the kitchen manager created the booking for them), the client can see the upcoming or previous booking on their Bookings tab. However, they cannot make edits to the booking unless they change the space calendar on the booking. They will no longer be able to book time on a space calendar not currently assigned to them.

Will my client be able to view space calendars that they're not currently able to book on?

  • Clients will not see any space calendars (or bookings on calendars) they don't have access to on the All Spaces Calendar. They will only be able to see space calendars and bookings on the calendars which they have been assigned to.

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