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How can I set Hours of Operation?
How can I set Hours of Operation?

Prevent client bookings when your kitchen is closed

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If all the spaces in your kitchen aren't open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can set hours of operation for each space. This means your clients will only be able to book during your open hours, when nobody else is already on the calendar.

Set your Hours:

Set your hours under Kitchen Settings > Calendars > add a new space calendar or edit an existing space.

You have 3 choices for each day of the week:

  • Open 24 hours (default)

  • Closed all day

  • Open times

For open times, select a "from" time and a "to" time. The latest "to" time you can set is 12am (the top choice).

If there are future bookings in that space during your newly closed hours, it will let you know, but the bookings will remain on the calendar.

If a space is closed:

  • Your clients will not be able to edit their already existing bookings during a closed time

  • Your clients will not be able to request or create bookings for closed times

  • You (the kitchen admin) will not be able to approve client booking requests, should there be a submitted request before the hours of operation were added/updated

  • You (the kitchen admin) will be able to override the setting to create and edit bookings for closed times

Viewing the Hours of Operation on the calendar:

When viewing a calendar, the closed times will show as outlined in the color of the space, so the user can easily tell which space is closed, without it looking like a booking!

Hiding Closed Times:

To keep things nice and neat, you and your clients can select to hide or show the closed times:

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