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Opening a second kitchen location?
Opening a second kitchen location?

Launch your kitchen's second account with The Food Corridor

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Congratulations on opening another kitchen location! πŸŽ‰

If you would like to add your second location account on The Food Corridor, you can do so here. We also offer a 25% discount on the Professional Plan when you create your additional account for the new location.

Additionally, we offer the option to merge your locations under one admin account. This will allow you to toggle back and forth between your locations from one primary account.

The merged account details are as follows:

  • Merged accounts will have a shared login password, notification preferences, payment method, notifications, and messages inbox.

  • Each of your locations will have its own separate clients, invoices/billing, documents, calendars, data and reports, etc.

  • Your clients will receive only the notifications and messages for their specific kitchen location. However, you will receive notifications and messages all in one spot, for clients at both locations.

Merging the accounts is totally up to you. You can keep the accounts separate if that is easier. Let us know what you'd prefer!

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