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How do I avoid sharing my password with my staff members?
How do I avoid sharing my password with my staff members?

Use Google sign in to manage passwords within TFC for multiple users

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Each account on The Food Corridor shares the same password among its account users. When multiple users are accessing the same account, they can log in using their email address, but the password is shared across all verified users of that account.

If you prefer not to share a password with your staff members, we recommend using Google Sign-In. With Google Sign In, users who have a Gmail account can select to Log In with their Gmail address and password.

How it works:

  • Owners can set one main password for their TFC account and choose not to share it among their additional users.

  • The owner can then add the Gmail addresses for the users who will be accessing the account, which will allow them to log into the TFC system with their own Gmail address and password.

  • If a user leaves the company, the owner can remove that Gmail address and not have to change the main account password.

If you have a TFC account and a Gmail address as your login email, even if you did not originally sign up with Google, you can log in to TFC using your Gmail account and password.

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