Throw the paper logs away and bring more accuracy to your kitchen's hour tracking!

Digital sign-in and out sheets are an easy way to reconcile hours used vs. hours reserved in the kitchen.

Each of your clients is automatically assigned a 4 digit pin that is linked to their Food Corridor account. 

Clients can find their unique pin on their Bookings tab, and you can access these pins from your Reports Tab > Signin Pin Report. 

When clients arrive at the kitchen, they can sign-in 2 ways:

  1. On their phone via their Bookings Tab (click Signin Sheet) or the direct url

  2. Via a sign-in station the kitchen provides. This can be a computer or tablet placed near the entrance of the kitchen. Set the browser to the direct url:

  3. Follow the same process to sign out!

Clients can also leave you a note if the kitchen is left dirty, to report mechanical issues, or to let you know about supplies that are running out.

To view & reconcile your kitchen's Digital Signin/Signout data

You can view, add, and edit sign-ins for clients from your Clients tab > Manage Sign-In.

The invoices pull from the booking time on the calendar, and not from the Signin/Signout data. So to ensure you are capturing all of your revenue for kitchen time, you will want to reconcile hours booked vs. hours used. 

Start by going to your Reports Tab > Signin. You can do any of the 3 options to reconcile: 

  • Add the additional booking time to your client’s accounts as new bookings - Open the Signin Reconciliation report > click 'see on calendar'  > create booking > assign to that client

  • Extend the original booking time to match the hours used - Open the Signin Reconciliation report > click 'see on calendar' > Click on booking > Edit

  • Add a one-time fee to the client's account for the additional amount at the end of the month (one-time fees are billed to the client within 24 hours) - Open the Hours Used versus Hours Booked report to see the difference > go Clients tab > client > Fees/Credits > Add > Custom Fee

Need ideas to encourage your clients to use the sign in/sign out feature everyday?

A fee is usually an effective way to enforce a new policy. You could also provide a “prize” to a client that signs in/out for every booking in a month (3 free hours? 1 Month free of storage?). Here is a how-to article to get your clients started.

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