Seeing your kitchen's schedule, booking time, and reserving equipment is simple! 

Watch this video or view the steps below.

Create a Booking

  • Log in to your food business account and go to the Calendars tab
  • Click the calendar names to view the descriptions and current approved bookings for that kitchen space. You can also see all approved bookings for the whole kitchen in the Daily View. Message your kitchen if you have questions about the spaces.
  • To book, click on a calendar, and simply click on the day and time you want to schedule a booking, and drag and drop for the time slot you are requesting. Or, you can click Create Booking from the calendar page and set the date and time.
  • To reserve equipment that you need during your booking, click the Reserve button, select the item, and drag and drop it to the right - to the Selected column. Determine the time frame you need the equipment, and click Save. 
  • Select if you want the booking to be one-time or repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. If you choose a repeat option, indicate how long you want the booking to repeat for (e.g. repeat for the next 3 weeks, the next 2 months, etc.), and how often you want it to repeat (e.g. once a week, every two weeks, etc.).
  • Review and make sure everything is correct. You can modify your equipment reservation by re-clicking Reserve Equipment.
  • Confirm by clicking Create Booking! 

*If you are a kitchen admin testing the booking feature, you may be prompted to enter a credit card here. You will not be charged.

Wait for Approval

Your requested booking will appear on your kitchen's account, for them to approve or decline. You will be notified automatically when your booking is approved (or declined). You can also view all your submitted, approved, and declined bookings on your Bookings tab.

Edit or Cancel a Booking

How to edit or cancel a booking

Booking Troubles?

Troubleshoot here

What's Next 

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