Using in-app chat 

Send any questions, comments, or requests to your kitchen or food businesses via in app chat. 

Kitchens and food businesses can also message other food businesses in your area to schedule events, coordinate purchasing, etc.

You must be logged in to retrieve your messages, contact your kitchen, or contact food businesses.

To start a new message:

  • Visit their profile page > Contact, or
  • For food businesses messaging their kitchen: Kitchens tab > Message kitchen
  • For food businesses messaging fellow clients in your kitchen: Community tab > click the food business > Contact
  • For kitchens messaging their food businesses: Clients tab > Message

Incoming messages will appear in your inbox in the top navigation bar next to your profile image and name. Click on the envelope icon to go to your inbox.

To reply, write a reply in the text box and click “send reply.” Replying directly from an email notification will not go to the correct sender.

To mark all messages as read, in your inbox, click “mark all as read.”

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