Stripe is our payment processor. You will create a Stripe Connect Account that connects to the business bank account where you want to receive your client's payments. The Food Corridor will bill your hourly clients on a rolling basis and all Plans/Storage/Monthly Fees on the 5th for the month. Your clients are billed to the payment they have on file with The Food Corridor. The funds pass through The Food Corridor Stripe account where the platform fees are taken out and the rest is transferred into your Stripe Connect Account. Depending on your settings, your transfers from Stripe to your kitchen's bank account can happen every two days or weekly.

Payment vs. Payout

Stripe differentiates between a payment and a payout.

A payment is when a customer pays, via credit card or ACH, through the stripe system.

A payout is when you get paid, and the money is sent to your bank account. Unless you've changed your stripe settings, you'll get payouts automatically, 2 business days after the payment succeeds.

In addition, one payout may contain the dollars from many payments.

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