Ready to add your client accounts?

Feel free to reach out to The Food Corridor using the chat bubble, and we can add your client accounts for you to save you time. This will not initiate communication to your clients in any way. 

Or, send your unique sign-up link to your clients so they can create their account on their own! Simply click "Invite Client" at the top of your Clients tab to copy the link. 

If you prefer to add your clients' accounts yourself, use the same "Invite Client" link. (Just be sure to first log-out of your kitchen account or use a different web browser to create the new accounts.) Remember the usernames and passwords you create, so you can pass them along!  

Once a client account is created using the "Invite Client" link, a welcome email is sent to the client.

Prepare your clients' accounts 

Now that your billing plans, storage, and fees are set-up in your Kitchen Settings, and your clients are listed in your Clients tab, it's time to assign these items to your individual client accounts.

Watch this video or view the steps below.

Assign Billing Plans to your Clients

How to: Clients Tab > Edit (pencil icon to the right of the client name) > select the Billing Plan from the dropdown menu > Save.

The default "Hourly" plan will be at the top of the drop-down menu, followed by all the custom time-based or credit-based plans you've created in your account.

If you're assigning a billing plan to a new client mid-month, they will start being charged for the plan the following month. 

Note that clients are not able to book on your calendars until you have assigned a billing to them.

Assign Storage to your Clients

How to: Clients tab > client name > Storage > Add Storage Rental. Choose the storage rental, the number of units, and add any notes > Add.

Assign Standard Fees to your Clients

How to: Clients tab > client name > Fees/Credits > Add Fee/Credit > choose a fee from the dropdown > Add.

If you're assigning a one-off fee or credit that is not in your Standard Fees/Credits list, choose Custom from the dropdown. Describe, enter the amount, select the appropriate options, and add.

Similar to billing plans, clients will start being charged for their storage and recurring fees the following month.

Repeat for each client.

How it will work

The system will pull all this for you! Charges for billing plans, storage, and recurring fees/credits will be automatically applied to clients' monthly invoices each month, beginning the 1st of the following month, until something is changed or removed from their client account. The charges will bill as a pre-payment for the current month.

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