How does billing work?

How monthly and daily bills are created, shared, reviewed, and charged

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All monthly bills are generated by The Food Corridor and made available to the kitchen administrator and food business clients in their Billing tab. The platform automatically charges clients to the payment method they have on file.

Charges billed monthly

All monthly charges are charged automatically on the date of billing set by the kitchen (the 5th). Note that you can select a billing date other than the 5th of the month for a one-time custom coding fee. Just reach out and let us know.

If assigned to a client's account, items charged on the monthly billing date include: 

  • Monthly Billing Plan amount for the current month (for clients on a monthly billing plan)

  • Recurring monthly kitchen fees for the current month

  • Storage for the current month

  • Any overage hours from the previous month, if the client is on a monthly billing plan

  • Equipment booked from the previous month, if the client is on a monthly billing plan

Starting the 1st of the month, all monthly charges will be listed on the client's pending monthly bill as "amount due." Pending monthly bills are listed in the Billing tab as well as directly on the client's profile under the Client Statement. Monthly bills will stay pending until the kitchen's monthly billing date.

Charges billed daily

All other charges not listed above under 'charged billed monthly' are billed the day-of. If assigned to a client's account, the following items are automatically charged that night at midnight:

  • Bookings for clients on an Hourly billing plan are charged at midnight after the booking takes place.

  • One-time kitchen fees, charged that night (at midnight) when assigned to a client, unless the kitchen selects a future date for the charge to take place. Learn how you can also charge a fee on the spot.

  • Cancellation fees, charged that night (at midnight) when a client cancels a booking within the kitchen's cancellation policy window.

Receiving and Reviewing Monthly Bills

1st of the month - monthly bills available for kitchen review

Monthly bills are generated on the 1st of the month for the kitchen administrator. A notification is sent to the kitchen administrator to review. The kitchen administrator has until the monthly billing date (5th) to review and make changes. A kitchen admin can change the client's plan, storage, and fees, so it accurately reflects what should be charged, before the bills are released to the clients for review on the 3rd. The bills can be found in the Billing tab as well as under the Client's Statement.  

3rd of the month - monthly bills are sent to food businesses

On the 3rd of the month, the monthly bills are sent and made visible to clients, and a notification is sent. The client has until the monthly billing date (5th) to review and report any discrepancies to the kitchen administrator before the billing date. Kitchen admins can make any changes to a client's account until the bills are charged on the billing date.

5th - monthly bills are automatically charged 

Monthly bills are automatically charged to the client's payment method on file, on the billing date set by the kitchen (5th) .

Billing charges will show up on the client's credit card account or bank statement as a charge from "Stripe," "The Food Corridor," or "Kitchen Name."

Note: If after the billing date an adjustment needs to be made, a kitchen administrator can add a fee or credit to the client. Any future charges will first be pulled from the credit amount, before charging the payment method.

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