There are 3 reports that show a breakdown of your kitchen's revenue and the applied TFC platform fees: Payment Details report, Total Revenue by Month report, and Total Revenue by Client by Month report.

The Payment Details report shows the revenue and platform fees on a client payment level. This will give you the most detail by showing platform fees per payment. The report shows, for each client payment: the bill number, bill creation date, amount owed vs. amount paid, payment status, platform fee, tax, net revenue, payment date, Stripe payment id, payment type, and any payment notes on manual payments.

The 2 Total Revenue reports show you the platform fees in total for each month. They have four main columns:

  • Gross Revenue: every dollar charged through the system, including manual payments and automatic payments

  • Tax Amount: the amount charged for taxes, if applicable

  • Platform Fee: the amount charged for TFC platform fees. (Note that this number is only available after Dec. 31, 2016. ┬áBefore then we charged platform fees, but didn't capture the breakout in our database.)

  • Net Revenue: the amount the kitchen received as revenue, net the taxes and platform fees. Note that the tax amount will be transferred to your bank account but you should remit that to the proper authorities.

You can view and download these reports on your Reporting tab.

How can I see this in my Stripe account?

Stripe tells you the fees that you are being charged. They call TFC platform fees "application fees." You can see these fees on a client payment level by going to Payments > Export in your Stripe Dashboard. These "application fees" should match up with the "platform fees" listed in your Payment Details report in The Food Corridor.

For example

Dan's Donuts is making a single $100 booking in your kitchen, and pays by credit card (meaning a 4% platform fee is applied).

If your kitchen has internalized the platform fees (meaning your kitchen pays the fee):

  • Dan's Donuts pays: $100

  • TFC receives: $4

  • Your kitchen receives: $96

You'll see an application fee of $4 in Stripe.

If your kitchen has externalized the platform fees (meaning Dan's Donuts pays the fee):

  • Dan's Donuts pays: $104

  • TFC receives: $4

  • Your kitchen receives: $100

You'll still see an application fee of $4 in Stripe.

The only difference between internalizing and externalizing the platform fees is that the client is charged more, but the fee amount remains the same.

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