Below is a visual overview of a Food Corridor account for a food business. This provides a taste of the functionality and information available for a food business that is renting space from a kitchen.


A food business can view all their submitted, approved, declined, and cancelled space and equipment bookings from their Bookings tab. They can view, edit, and cancel their bookings from this page. 


A food business can view their kitchen's spaces and create new bookings from the Calendars tab. They can click on the Daily View to see a snapshot of what space and equipment is booked on any given day.


A food business can view their current and past charges from their Billing tab, so they always know what they are paying the kitchen. Monthly charges are automatically billed once a month. Any pending payments are also viewable from this page.

Documents: Food Business Documents

A food business can upload verification documents (business license, insurance, and food handlers) and enter the expiration dates, to let the system notify them when a document is set to expire. They can do this from their Documents tab. The system will notify the food business (and the kitchen) 45 days, 14 days, and 3 days before a document's expiration. A food business can also add as many private documents as they wish, to keep all their business documents in one place.

Documents: Kitchen Documents

Also from their Documents tab, food business can see their membership documents (documents between the client and the kitchen) and common kitchen documents (general kitchen information) that the kitchen has uploaded. Expiration dates can be added to these documents as well, for the system to track.


From their Reports tab, a food business can view automatically generated reports that are helpful for their business and record keeping. These reports include information on their bookings, invoices, and sign-in/out data.


A food business can view and message fellow clients in their kitchen from their Community tab. This helps them connect with other clients, learn more about them, and also refer potential customers to their business. 


From the gear icon, a food business can: 

  • update their Account Settings, including their business profile, home kitchen, and payment method for automatic billing

  • access Resources, such as discounts on liability insurance and marketing materials

  • access support articles in the Help Center for FAQs

  • contact The Food Corridor Gnomes for additional support

The food business can read and reply to messages from the envelope icon and view their notifications from the bell icon.

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