Booking time in the kitchen is setup to be self-serve, so your clients can manage all their booking needs on their own, without having to go through you, the kitchen manager. However sometimes you may find yourself needing to book for a client or move things around. Here's how.

Create a Booking

  • Go to your Scheduling tab

  • Click on the Daily View or All Spaces Calendar view to see what's available (the Daily View is view-only).

  • To book, go to the All Spaces Calendar view or the individual space calendar you're wanting. Simply click on the day and time you want to schedule the booking, and drag and drop for the time slot you need. Or, you can click "Create New Booking" at the top and set the client, space, date and time. If you are creating a booking for the kitchen (e.g. if you are closing the space for an event), select N/A (non billable) as the "client."

  • To reserve equipment that you need during your booking, click the "Add Equipment" button, set the time range needed. This will show the available equipment during that time. Use the + sign to select the items needed during that time. Click "Add Equipment" at the bottom to save. If you need to reserve additional equipment for a different time range, click "Add Equipment" again, set the new time range, and follow the same steps. Repeat as many times as needed until for the different time ranges. 

  • Select if you want the booking to be one-time or repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. If you choose a repeat option, select the date when you want the recurring booking to end.

  • Review and make sure everything is correct. You can modify the equipment reservation by clicking the trashcan icon next to any unwanted equipment selection, and re-add the equipment by clicking "Add Equipment."

  • Confirm by clicking Create Booking!

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Edit a Booking

  • Click on the Daily View, All Spaces Calendar view, or All Equipment Calendar view, if you first need to see what's available.

  • To edit space or equipment, click on the booking from the All Spaces Calendar view or from the individual space calendar. (*You will need to go to the space booking, even if you just want to edit the equipment reservation. This is because equipment is only reservable as part of a space booking, so these are tied together.)

  • Edit anything you need to from the booking window. To edit equipment, click the trashcan icon next to any unwanted equipment selection, and re-add the equipment item by clicking "Add Equipment" and setting the new time range.

  • Confirm at the bottom.

Remove a Booking

  • To remove a booking, click on the booking from the space calendar and click "remove booking." You can remove a single booking, or if you want to remove a recurring booking series, choose "remove this and all future bookings." This will free up that time on the calendar for others to book.

  • Note that no cancellation fee will be charged to the client if you remove their booking for them. If you remove their booking after the booking has already been billed (for an Hourly client), the client will be credited back that amount to their Food Corridor account. 

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