Prospects live in their own tab within the Clients tab. The Prospects tab serves as an organizational feature for managing your potential clients. You can charge a prospect’s application fee, view or add their required documents, message back and forth, add notes, and manage their status, all in one place before approving them as a client.

Some things to note when navigating the Prospects Tab:

New prospects: A red dot notification will be present on the upper right corner of the Prospects tab every time you have a new prospect. This will remain present until that potential client’s status has been updated.

Show Delayed: You can filter your potential clients to include delayed Prospects. Check the ‘Show Delayed’ box at the upper right corner of listed prospects.

Approve as client: If you would like to approve a Prospect as a client, hover over the prospect and click the check icon ☑️

Edit a prospect: If you would like to edit a Prospect’s settings or add internal notes, click their business name > click ‘Edit Prospect.’

Manage a prospect: From the prospect's profile, you can manage their onboarding progress:

  • charge an application fee (or other one-time fee/credit)

  • view/upload their required documents

  • update their status

  • add notes

  • send them a message

Delete a prospect: If you would like to delete a Prospect, you will need to first change their status to ‘delayed.’ Once their status has been changed to ‘delayed’ you can delete the prospect by clicking the trashcan icon. Or, you check the box to the left of their name and click “delete” up top.

On mobile: the prospect's business name, contact name, payment method, and status are visible. 'Invite Client', 'Message Active Clients', 'Message In Progress Prospects,' and 'Manage Sign In' live under “All Options” on the Clients tab on mobile. 🤳

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