How do I book in my kitchen?

For food business users, booking how-to's

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Seeing your kitchen's schedule, booking time, and reserving equipment is simple! 

Watch these video series or view the steps below.

How to: Create a booking and add equipment.

How to: Add an additional piece of equipment with a different reservation time.

How to: Change the reserved time for a piece of equipment.

How to: Create a recurring booking.

Create a Booking

  • Log in to your food business account and go to the Calendars tab

  • Click the calendar names to view the descriptions and current approved bookings for that kitchen space, if needed. You can also see all approved bookings for the whole kitchen in the Daily View. Message your kitchen if you have questions about the spaces.

  • To book, simply drag and drop on the calendar for the time slot you are requesting. Or, you can click Create New Booking at the top and select the space, date, and time.

  • To reserve equipment that you need during your booking, click the Add Equipment button and set the time range you need the equipment for. This will show you what's available at that time. Select the item(s) by clicking the + sign, and save at the bottom. If you need to reserve additional equipment for a different time range, click Add Equipment again, set the new time range, and follow the same steps. Repeat as many times as needed for the different time ranges. 

  • Select if you want the booking to repeat never, daily, weekly, or monthly. If you choose a repeat option, select the date when you want the recurring booking to end.

  • Review and make sure everything is correct. You can modify the equipment reservation by clicking the trashcan icon next to any unwanted equipment selection, and re-add the equipment by clicking "Add Equipment."

  • Confirm by clicking Create Booking! 

Wait for Approval

Your requested booking will appear on your kitchen's account, for them to approve or decline. You will be notified automatically when your booking is approved (or declined). You can view all your submitted, approved, and declined bookings on your Bookings tab.

Edit or Cancel a Booking

Booking Troubles?

What's Next 

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