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What is Daily View and how can I use it?
What is Daily View and how can I use it?
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Daily View is a Gantt chart, or 24-hour side-by-side view, of what is happening in your kitchen all day. This view shows all the space and equipment booked in the kitchen, on any given day. Daily View can also be accessed without being logged in to The Food Corridor. Some common uses for Daily View are:

  • Displayed on a big screen or tablet within the kitchen.

  • Printed and posted on each work station to see who is coming in when.

  • Linked on kitchen’s website.

  • Sent to prospects who want to see the businesses renting in the kitchen.

  • Sent to health department inspectors who need to see when certain food businesses are in the kitchen.

You can find the daily view on your Scheduling tab > Daily View.

Just grab the direct URL by copying it from the Daily View page when logged in (Scheduling > Daily View), and then paste that same url in the address bar of any browser when you are not logged in. Once copied, you can paste the URL into your website builder, email it to the Health Inspector, or open a browser on your kitchen TV and set up your link to be visible to your clients.

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