How do I cancel or edit a booking?

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Cancel your booking

If you no longer need the kitchen for the time you booked, here is how you can cancel your booking.

To Cancel: Bookings tab > click the X icon to the right > confirm.

Note that you cannot cancel a booking in the past, or a booking that has already started. Reach out to your kitchen directly if this is the case.

Also note that a Cancellation Fee may apply if you cancel too close to your booking's start time. If a Cancellation Fee applies, you will be notified before you confirm. See example:

Be sure to check your kitchen's cancellation policy, displayed at the top of each space calendar.

Edit or change your booking

You are able to edit your bookings with limitation (see below) if you need to change the date, time, or reserved equipment for your booking.

To Edit: Bookings tab > click the pencil icon to the right > make your changes and click "Update" or "Request Change."

  • If you see the "Update" button, your changes will save automatically. 

  • If you see the "Request Change" button, your changes will send a Booking Change Request to your kitchen, for them to approve or decline. If the kitchen approves your change request, these changes will replace your current booking. If your kitchen declines your change request, your existing booking will stay as-is. 

Limitations to editing your booking

Note what you can and cannot edit on your booking, depending on timing. 

Before the kitchen's cancellation policy window

You can modify, move, extend, or shorten the booking and reserved equipment.

Inside the kitchen's cancellation policy window  

You can extend your booking and add equipment. You cannot shorten the booking, remove equipment, or change the date of the booking.

After the booking takes place, on the same day of the booking

You can move the booking, increase the length of the booking, and/or add equipment.

After the booking takes place, beyond that day

You cannot modify the booking. 

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