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How is this platform different than QuickBooks?
How is this platform different than QuickBooks?

What separates TFC from QuickBooks

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Great question! We are different than Quickbooks because we:

  • Integrate a calendaring solution that knows about kitchens and equipment rental, allowing trusted food businesses to book time directly in your kitchens while still giving you control over your kitchen

  • Have a "hands off" cancellation policy--you define it once and the charges happen whenever a client cancels

  • understand how to bill for kitchen-specific needs, like storage

  • Provide inventory management for storage

  • Provide document management and reminders to your clients when required documentation expires

  • Work with partners to provide deals to your customers (insurance, labels, etc.)

  • allow you to message your clients, one at a time or all at once

  • are focused on the food business space, and will be focusing on it for years to come

If you are only looking for an accounting solution that can take payments, go with QuickBooks. They are great for that. We use them ourselves!

If you want a scheduling/payment processing/document storage/inventory management solution that will continue to improve over the years, TFC is the right choice!

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