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How do I message my kitchen or fellow food businesses?
How do I message my kitchen or fellow food businesses?

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From your Food Corridor account, you can send questions to your kitchen and connect with your fellow food business mates! Here is how to send and respond to messages:

Message your Kitchen: Message them directly from your Bookings tab or Community tab. Message your kitchen any time you have questions about your billing, storage, plan updates, membership, access to the space - you name it.

Message another food business: Message them directly from your Community tab. Message a fellow kitchen mate to inquire about them catering an event you know about, going in on a bulk order together, or other community resources you may share.

Receiving Messages: Incoming messages will appear in your inbox near the top right of your account. You will be notified via text or email when you have a new direct message. Click on the envelope icon to go to your inbox.

To reply: Log in to your Food Corridor account and click into your inbox (above). Click on the message to write a reply in the text box and click “send reply.” Replying directly to an email or text notification will not go to the sender.

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