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As a food business client of your kitchen, you are automatically charged according to your billing plan with the kitchen. 

If you are on a Monthly Billing Plan

If a you are on a monthly plan, you will receive a bill on the 3rd of the month for that upcoming month’s plan (the monthly amount) plus any recurring monthly fees (for example, if a kitchen charges for storage or a monthly membership fee). Review your bill and let your kitchen know if you see anything that is incorrect.

On your kitchen's monthly billing date (generally the 5th or 15th), the credit/debit card or bank account you have on file will be automatically charged for the amount due on the bill. This way, you don't have to worry about remembering to pay your kitchen on time or sending a check.

Overage hours

If you book more than the number of hours in your monthly plan, you will be charged the overage rate per hour for those additional hours, and it will be due on the next monthly bill. 

For example, if your plan covers 20 hours per month, and in March you booked 22 hours, then these additional 2 hours will be added to the April 3rd bill.

If you are on an Hourly Plan

If you are on an hourly plan, you pay for your time as you cook, instead of once a month. You are automatically charged for each booking at midnight after the booking takes place.  

For example, if you create a booking on March 8th and it is scheduled for April 11th, you will be charged at midnight on April 11th.

The system also looks back for any not-yet-charged hourly bookings, so if you retroactively add a booking for the 28th of last month, you'd be charged for that the day that you add it.

Monthly Invoice for Hourly Clients

Even though you pay for your bookings as you cook, you will receive a monthly bill on the 3rd for your review, and are charged for monthly charges on your kitchen's billing date (the 5th or 15th). This monthly billing includes any recurring monthly fees and storage assigned to your account. See here for more details.  

Exception: One-Time Fees

If you are charged a one-time fee by your kitchen, whether you are on a Monthly Plan or Hourly, you are charged at midnight after the fee is added to your account.

Booking Cancellations

Each kitchen sets their own cancellation policy. It is displayed when you cancel an approved booking as well as on the calendar page where you create your bookings. 

Cancellation charges occur if a booking cancellation is not made within a certain amount of time before the start of the booking (the "penalty window”). For example, if the penalty window is 72 hours, and on July 1 you book space for July 10 and then cancel on July 5, then no charge will take place. If you cancel on July 9, your account will be charged per your kitchen's cancellation policy. Cancellation charges are charged to your payment at midnight after you cancel. 

For hourly users: you will be charged either a flat fee or a percentage of the booking, as described in the kitchen policy.

For monthly users: you will be charged either a flat fee or a percentage of the equivalent hourly rate, as if you had been an hourly user. If you are a monthly user on a plan with 20 base hours for $200, your equivalent hourly rate is $10/hr. 

  • For example, say the cancellation penalty is 50% and you are on the above $200 plan. If you cancel your 5 hour booking in the penalty window, you will be charged $25 ($10 equivalent rate * 5 hours * 50%).

Cancellation credits occur when a booking is charged and then later deleted or shortened by your kitchen. In this case, you will be owed some money. This credit will be added to your balance, and charges thereafter will first pull from the credit before charging your payment method.

Charge Description 

All billing charges will show up on your credit card account or bank statement as a charge from "The Food Corridor," "Stripe," or "Kitchen Name."

If your Payment Fails

Know what to expect if your payment should fail.

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