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What happens if a payment fails?
What happens if a payment fails?
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If a payment fails, an email is sent to the food business letting them know of the failed payment, why the payment failed and providing them with a link to update their payment method. The kitchen manager also receives a failed payment notification. The system will automatically re-attempt running a failed payment 3 times, on a weekly basis.

Common Reasons for Failed Payments

If a payment fails, it usually means there was an issue with the bank account that the food business has on file with The Food Corridor. There are multiple reasons why a payment fails, but the most common are insufficient funds, invalid card number or expiration date, or the account/card was frozen. Here is a list of common reasons with explanations.

The food business needs to update their payment method to a valid checking account or debit/credit card. If their current account is already valid and they are not sure why the transfer failed, they should get in touch with their bank to resolve the issue.

Will the failed payment be re-charged automatically?

Yes. The system will attempt to re-run all failed payments up to 3 times, on a weekly basis. After 3 times, if the payment is still unsuccessful, the kitchen manager can re-run the past-due payment at any point.

Can a kitchen manager re-charge a failed payment?

Yes, the kitchen manager can attempt to re-charge the failed payment at any time. They may do this after the 3 automatic attempts, and/or if the client or kitchen wants  the payment re-run before the next automatic attempt.

Kitchen managers: Go to your Clients tab > click on the client name > click Statement > click Charge Now next to the failed payment. 

What happens when the payment goes through?

Once the payment is successful, the payment status will update to "paid" on both the kitchen's and food business's Statement view.

What happens in Stripe when an ACH payment fails?

ACH payments are pending for typically 3 days with the client's bank. During that time, Stripe treats the payments as successful, and can even pay it out to you. If after 3 days of pending and the payment fails, and if the payment was paid out to you, then the transfer is reversed, and will be withdrawn from your account. Stripe refers to this reversal as a refund.

To denote if a payment is still pending, there will be a tooltip after the payment link in the statement, and the refund link will be disabled. If you hover over these, it will say "payment pending in Stripe".

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