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How does Stripe work?
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Stripe is The Food Corridor's payment processor. Once you are ready to go live with your Food Corridor account, you will create a Stripe Connect account that connects to the business bank account where you want to receive your client payments.

When your clients are billed in The Food Corridor, they are charged to the payment method they have on file in their Food Corridor account. The funds pass through The Food Corridor Stripe account, where the platform fees are taken out, and the remaining amount is transferred into your Stripe Connect account. Once in your Stripe Connect account, Stripe automatically pays out the funds to your bank account.

To create your Stripe Connect account, follow the Stripe prompt on your Scheduling or Billing tab.

Payment vs. Payout

Stripe differentiates between a payment (transaction) and a payout (bank deposit).

A payment or transaction is when a customer is charged, via credit card, ACH, or PAD, through the Stripe system.

A payout is when you get paid - when the money is sent to your bank account. Stripe bundles multiple payments together in a payout, and transfers the funds to your kitchen's bank account typically every 2 business days for US accounts and every 3 business days for Canadian accounts.

You can see this activity in your Stripe Dashboard, accessible from your Billing tab in your Food Corridor account (click on "View Stripe Dashboard"). You can also see this activity in your Payment Details report in The Food Corridor, if you need to compare payout dates with your bank deposits.

See more detail here.

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