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How do I credit back time or money to a client?
How do I credit back time or money to a client?
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Credit back time

If you'd like to credit back time for a client (if, for instance, there was broken equipment and you don't want the booking to count against their plan hours), simply find the booking in the calendar tab > click on it > edit booking details > change the "booked by" value to be "n/a (non billable)" rather than the client name. This ensures that the system will not count the hours of that booking towards their plan. Make sure to do this before the end of the month.

Credit back a dollar amount

If you'd like to credit a dollar amount back to a client, go to Clients > Client name > Fees/Credits > Add. 

This can be a one-time credit (to be applied to the client's account immediately or on a future date) or a recurring credit (to be applied again every month or every few months).  

Applying a credit to a client puts that dollar amount back in their Food Corridor account.

If your client is assigned to Automatic payment processing, any future charges the client incurs (hourly bookings, storage, fees, monthly plan, etc.) will first pull from this credit before charging the client's payment method.

If your client is assigned to Manual payment processing, select Apply Credit to apply the credit balance to an outstanding bill. If you make a mistake, you can delete or 'zero out' their credit balance.

Refund a client

If you need to issue a refund to a client, please see here for more information on refunds vs. credits.

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