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How do I reserve equipment?
How do I reserve equipment?

For Food Businesses

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You can reserve kitchen equipment as part of your space booking, either for the entire booking or just part of it. 

Reserve Equipment

  1. Create a space booking from the individual space calendar or the 'All Space Calendars' view. You can do this by dragging and dropping on the time you want, or by clicking the "Create New Booking" button.

  2. Once you've set the booking parameters, click "Add Equipment."

  3. Set the time range you need the equipment for.

  4. The available equipment will show for that time range.

  5. Click the + sign to add that equipment item to your booking.

  6. Add as many items as you need for that timeframe, then click "Add Equipment" at the bottom to save your selection(s).

  7. If you need to reserve additional equipment for a different time range, click "Add Equipment" again, set the new time range, and select the items you need, and click "Add Equipment" at the bottom to save. 

  8. Repeat as many times as needed for your specific time ranges.

  9. Once you have everything added, click "Create Booking" at the bottom to save.

See here:

Change Equipment Reservation

If you need to change your equipment selections: 

  1. Open the booking to edit or request a change. 

  2. Next to the equipment selection that needs changing, click the trash can icon to delete that particular equipment item, and add it again.

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