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Add Clients & Prospects to Your Kitchen

Quickly create accounts for your food business clients

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Ready to add your client accounts?

You have a few options when you're ready to get your clients onboarded:

Option 1 - Invite Clients to Create an Account: Send your unique sign-up link to your clients so they can create their account on their own. Simply click "Invite Client" at the top of your Clients tab to copy the link. You can also find this link in your Prospects tab.

Option 2 - Create Clients Accounts Manually: If you prefer to create your clients' accounts yourself, use the same "Invite Client" link to fill out the client's information. Remember the emails and passwords you create for your clients so you can pass along the login information. See steps below for more information.

Note: Be sure to first log-out of your kitchen account or use a different web browser to create the new accounts.

Once a client account is created using the "Invite Client" link (like in Option 1 & 2), a welcome email is sent to the client. The client will now appear as a new prospect in your Prospects Tab. Learn how to manage your Prospects here.

Option 3 - TFC Creates Client Accounts for you: If you have a list of current active clients, reach out to The Food Corridor or click the chat icon in the lower right hand corner, and we can add your client accounts for you. This will not initiate communication with your clients in any way.

*What if my client already has a Food Corridor account? - Clients who already use TFC can join your kitchen with their existing account! Here's how.

To add new prospects or current clients your account on The Food Corridor, simply send your unique sign-up link to them so they can create their account by Clicking "Invite Client" at the top of your Clients tab to copy the link. You can reach out to them using language from the Onboarding Email Template. Simply include your unique Invite Client link and send the instructions on how to get started.

Follow the steps below to manually add each client, by creating an account for them (Option 2):

1. Click "Invite Client" at the top of your Clients tab to copy your kitchen's unique sign-up link.

2. Open a new internet browser where you are not logged in to your kitchen's Food Corridor account (recommended for ease), OR log out of your kitchen's Food Corridor account. 

3. Paste the copied link into your browser, fill out the fields, and click Create My Account. Remember the email and password you used to create their account. 

4. Fill out the required information on the next page. 

5. Go back to your kitchen account (or log out of the prospect account and log back into your kitchen account). You will now see a red dot notification next to the Prospects tab. The prospect will be displayed here.

  • Tip: If you need to switch back and forth between the prospect account and your kitchen account, it's helpful to use two different browsers.

6. Click Approve on the new prospect from your Prospects tab and select their billing plan. 

7. Make any other setting changes by editing information in their Client Profile and then adding the appropriate storage and/or fees to their account.

8. Communicate the account email and password to your new prospect, along with the log-in link

  • Use this Onboarding Email Template as a guide, customizing language and instructions (including their email and password if you created an account for them).

  • Instruct them to add their payment method, change their password in their Account Settings, and complete their profile.

  • Share this getting started video tutorial with them to help them get onboarded onto the platform.

  • Once they add their payment method, they can begin booking space on your calendars!

9. Need an onboarding process for your new prospects? Onboarding Flows allows you to create custom checklists for prospects to work through actions necessary for onboarding to your kitchen. With Onboarding Flows, you can assign things like adding a payment method, changing their password, or even paying a deposit so they can get started in your kitchen.

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