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Go from Setup Mode to Live Mode
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When you have a thriving kitchen, we know it takes a little time to get set up and start using The Food Corridor. Which is why we created Setup Mode! You can try things out without worrying about incorrectly charging someone or having everything set up yet.

Setup Mode gives you the chance to:

  1. Understand how The Food Corridor works and practice booking

  2. Add your space and equipment calendars so they're ready for your clients. Learn more adding calendars. 

  3. Assign the appropriate billing plans, storage, fees, and/or credits to your clients' accounts. Learn more about assigning billing plans, storage, and more.

While you're in Setup Mode, your clients are able to add their payment methods to their accounts. They can also have bookings on your calendar and be assigned to billing plans, storage, fees, and/or credits. This helps buy you some time to get everything set up the way you want it before going live. Your clients will not be charged for anything while you're in Setup Mode - even on your billing date. That includes hourly bookings, storage, fees, and more.

When you're ready for your clients to start using The Food Corridor, click the “Set Live” button on the banner at the top of your screen. 

Live mode will officially launch your account and begin integrating the scheduling, client billing, and notifications for you.

*Before you can set your account live, you'll need to make sure your Stripe Connect Account is setup from your Scheduling tab.

Stripe is how your kitchen will get paid by your food business clients. You will need your kitchen's business checking account number, routing number, and EIN to create your account. As long as you stay logged into your Food Corridor account, the Stripe account will connect automatically. Stripe's fees are already incorporated into The Food Corridor platform fees.

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