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Removing a Credit Balance

Zero out your client's credit balance

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If you need to remove your client's credit balance, you can go to your Clients Tab > Client name > Credit Balance 'Trash' Icon

This action will:

  • Zero out the client's current credit balance.

  • Update the 'Added to Credit Balance' amount on the line item on the client's Statement, to reflect the portion of the credit that was already applied to a past charge.

  • If no portion of the credit was used, the line item on the Statement will simply be removed.

  • A record will be added to the Fees/Credits, showing the amount of credit that was removed.

Note: You can only zero' out the balance, not remove a portion of the credit balance. If you would like to add a partial credit, you can zero out the balance and then add a new credit amount to apply towards the credit balance.

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