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Managing Long-term Equipment Rentals
Managing Long-term Equipment Rentals

For equipment rentals that exceed the booked time in the kitchen

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Sometimes, clients will need to rent equipment space beyond their booked time in the kitchen. For example, a proofer or roaster that must remain in use for a longer period of time, and doesn't require the presence of the business.

In order to make it possible for clients to reserve the equipment beyond their booking time, you will need to create a space calendar for each piece of equipment. For each applicable rental, go to Kitchen Setting > Calendars > Space Calendars > Add New Space Calendar and create the following:

Note: it is important that you click, "No, bookings in this space should be charged separately from client billing plans."

This will ensure that clients are being charged the hourly rate you have set to each applicable rental instead of the rate they have assigned in their billing plan. See below. πŸ‘‡

Clients can then book "space" on the rental through the space calendar. They can choose the frequency of their rental by choosing the options below "repeat booking" and "ends on." See below.πŸ‘‡

This solution can also work if you're wanting temporary storage to be bookable by your clients. For instance, if you offer daily storage rentals or week-long shelf or freezer space usage.

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