Onboarding Flows: What is it?

Learn about streamlining your client's onboarding process by providing checklists, how to opt-in, and how much the feature costs.

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The Onboarding Flows feature helps you build and automate your onboarding process so you can get your prospects converted to clients more quickly and accurately. Implementing an effective onboarding process can result in increased lead conversion, higher renter engagement, improved compliance, and stronger member loyalty from day one.

Once you opt-in to the feature, Onboarding Flows lets you:

  • Ensure critical tasks are completed before approving prospects as clients in your kitchen

  • Create multiple templates and checklists for different renter types such as food trucks, caterers, CPG, or non-profit community members

  • Integrate and centralize tools by linking directly to external applications like Google Forms, HelloSign, or Calendly

  • Track progress, send automated notifications, and approve tasks to move prospects to clients faster

From completing the kitchen application to scheduling a tour, learning policies, and signing the contracts, Onboarding Flows ensures prospects become engaged and compliant long-term renters without having to micromanage the process.


You can create as many checklists as you want before opting into the paid feature. A green bar at the top of your Kitchen Settings > Onboarding will you know you are in Experiment Mode and will need to "go live" (i.e. opt-in) to be able to assign the checklists to your clients and fully enable the feature.

Once you "go live" (i.e. opt-in):

  1. Your kitchen’s clients and prospects will be able to access their "My Onboarding" tab

  2. Your kitchen can assign checklists to your clients and prospects

What does Onboarding Flows cost?

Onboarding Flows is a monthly add-on feature to a Food Corridor subscription.

Access to the base feature is $19 per month with tiered pricing based on the number of checklists you have assigned to members during the month. This way, you only pay for what you use.

For example: If you have built one checklist, but you assign it to 7 members, you will fall into the 2nd tier of pricing and pay $29 for that month.

The tiers are:

  • 0-5 checklists assigned: $19/month ($27/m CAD)

  • 6-10 checklists assigned: $29/month ($41/m CAD)

  • 11+ checklists assigned: $39/month ($55/m CAD)

For example, if you assign 4 checklists during the month, you would fall into the first tier and pay $19. Note that if you subscribe to the add-on feature and do not assign a checklist during a specific month, you will still pay $19 for access to the base feature. Similarly, if you assign 9 checklists during the month, you will pay $39 for the feature that month.

To learn how to choose templates, build checklists, and view as a prospect, check out our article about Onboarding Flows: Getting Started.

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