It's easy! The kitchen manager can set up a new client (option 1), or the food business can do it (option 2).

Option 1: Set-up by the Kitchen Manager

If the client has no TFC account yet: Follow these steps, and then instruct them to build a food business profile.

If the client has a TFC account, but is not assigned to your kitchen account yet: Instruct the client to follow these steps.

Option 2: Set-up by the Food Business

If the client (food business) has no TFC account yet:

The food business needs to submit a request by signing up for an account with The Food Corridor. When they create their account, they can choose you as their "home kitchen." They can follow these steps.

If the client has a TFC account, but is not assigned to your kitchen yet:

If the food business already has an account set-up, they will simply request to join your kitchen. 

The client will need to: Log in > click the gear icon (upper righthand corner) > choose Account Settings > Business Profile. At the bottom under "Home Kitchen," they will search and select your kitchen name, then Save.

Once the request to join your kitchen has been made

You will then see the food business as a "pending" client at the top of your Clients tab. You can then approve or decline their request. 

*If you accidentally decline the request, you can find them in your 'inactive' clients list, and you can make them "active."

Once the client is "active" and has added their payment method, they can begin booking in your kitchen, and you can begin assigning their fees, storage, and settings.

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