Any time a payment is due to a kitchen and isn't successful, an email is sent to you and your client letting you know. Failed payments are automatically re-attempted up 3 times, weekly, which means that the client will receive this same email once a week if the payment continues to be unsuccessful. If the kitchen manager also attempts to re-charge the failed payment, and it fails, this same "payment failed" email will be sent.  

If you don't want these emails sent, you have a couple of options:

  • If you don't want them sent for any of your clients, you can change the client notification rules (in your Kitchen Settings tab).
  • If your client has updated their payment method and you want to re-run the payment before it automatically re-runs, go to your Clients tab > click on the client > click on Statement > click Charge Now next to the failed payment. 
  • If your client has paid the charge off (by handing you a check, for instance), you can mark them as a manual payment user (via the Clients tab > client name > Edit > check yes for Manual) and then mark the payment as paid (via Client Statement tab > Record Payment).
  • If you have written off the payment as uncollectable, you can add a credit to adjust the payment down to zero. 
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