Below is The Food Corridor's policy if a food business requests removal of their payment method.

  1. The Food Corridor will review the Client’s account for outstanding bill amounts/numbers and next billing date.

  2. The Food Corridor will then respond to the Client by cc’ing the Kitchen Administrator and including all of the information shared in the original message. The email will be sent from

  3. Per our policy, TFC will need to remove the Client's payment method before the next billing, unless there has been a mistake. *The reason for this is that our payment processor takes revocation of authorization very seriously and we are required revoke authorization whenever a client asks. Otherwise, we risk chargebacks and increased payment processing fees. If you are able to resolve this with the client before we remove the payment, please let us know.

  4. The Food Corridor will text the kitchen if it is on the weekend or a holiday. We will use the kitchen's mobile phone number on their Kitchen Info page.

  5. If The Food Corridor does not hear from the kitchen before the next billing, TFC will remove the payment information from Stripe and mark the user’s payment method as 'not verified.'

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