Yes. If you go to your kitchen settings, you can choose which forms of payment you'll accept. Look for the "payment methods" section, and uncheck the type your kitchen won't accept. By default, both payment types are accepted.

Each payment type has different strengths and you can choose what works for you, and change the setting at any time. You can choose to accept one, both, or neither of these:

  • Credit card: This payment type has the benefit of being quicker (you'll receive funds in your bank account in approximately 2 business days) but costs more.

  • ACH: This payment type is less expensive, but will take longer to arrive in your bank account (approximately 7 business days). You are not notified of payment failure as quickly either.

If you prefer for no automatic billing to take place, and you take cash or checks from your clients instead, you can set each client to "manual payment processing" under their Edit Client screen. Since the system doesn't bill "manual" clients, you will need to manually mark these bills as paid.

Note that current clients will be unable to make new bookings if they have a form of payment on file that you no longer accept, but their current bookings will continue to be processed with the old form of payment (we don't change these retroactively).

Therefore, once you set up your required forms of payment, you'll want to run the "invalid payment type" report to see if any of your clients has a form of payment on file that you no longer accept. You can then contact them to request they change their payment method.

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