For kitchens that have new clients to add to The Food Corridor, simply send your unique sign-up link to your clients so they can create their account! Click "Invite Client" at the top of your Clients tab to copy the link. 

Follow the steps below for each client:

1. Click "Invite Client" at the top of your Clients tab to copy your kitchen's unique sign-up link.

2. Open a new internet browser where you are not logged in to your kitchen's Food Corridor account (recommended for ease), OR log-out of your kitchen's Food Corridor account. 

3. Paste the copied link into your browser, fill out the fields and click Create My Account. Remember the username and password you create for them. 

4. Fill out the required information on the next page. 

5. Go back to your kitchen account (or log-out of the client account and log back in to your kitchen account). You will now see a red dot notification next to the Prospects tab. The potential client with be found here.

  • Tip: if you need to switch back and forth between the client account and your kitchen account, it's helpful to use two different browsers.

6. Click Approve on the new prospect from your Prospects tab and select their billing plan. 

7. Make any other setting changes by clicking "edit client," and then add the appropriate storage and/or fees to their account.

8. Communicate the username and password to your new client, along with the log-in link

  • Instruct them to add their payment method and change their password in their Account Settings, and complete their profile

  • Share this getting started video tutorial with them to help them get onboarded onto the platform.

  • Once they add their payment method, they can begin booking space on your calendars! 

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