Check first: Can you apply a credit instead of issuing a refund?

First, we recommend seeing if adding a credit to the client's Food Corridor account will work for you and the client. Applying a credit to a client puts that payment amount back on their TFC account immediately. Any future charges (bookings, storage, etc.) will pull from this credit before charging the client's payment method. This is the easiest method.

  • To add a credit, go to Clients > Client name > Fees/Credits > Add fee/credit > fill out the boxes (enter the amount and check the 'credit' box) > click Save.

If not, you can request a refund

If a credit is not going to suffice for the situation, and you do need to issue a monetary refund to your client's credit card or bank account, you can do so from the charge on the client's statement.

  • To issue a Refund: Navigate to your Clients tab > Client > Statement > Line Item Arrow Drop-Down > Refund


  • You can issue a partial refund by changing the "amount to refund".

  • Charges that are 'Pending' in Stripe cannot be refunded until fully processed.

  • For ACH payments, refunds can only be issued on payments made within the last 90 days.

  • For Canadians with PAD payments, refunds can only be issued on payments made within the last 180 days.

  • Once requested, a refund will be processed within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

  • Once the refund is processed, be aware that the funds take 5-10 days to reach the client's bank account or credit card.

  • There are no fees to refund a payment, but the original platform fee won't be returned to you. If you wish to pass this platform fee onto your client, you can issue a partial refund to your client to not include the platform fee.

Can I refund a client charge directly from my Stripe account?

Unfortunately, no. If you refund a transaction from your Stripe dashboard, Stripe refunds the funds to The Food Corridor. While we of course love revenue, we don't think that's the right way to get it.

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