If a client needs to adjust the date, time, or reserved equipment for their booking, they can easily do so from their Bookings tab > click on the kitchen space for the booking they made > click on their booking > click "Edit" (for auto-approve clients) or "Request Change" (for kitchen-approve clients).

For clients on Auto-Approve, their edits will save automatically. 

For clients that require your booking approval, their edits will instead send a Booking Change Request to you. You will receive a notification detailing the requested change, and you can then approve or decline this change from your Scheduling tab. Your client will be notified of your decision.

  • If you approve the change request, it will replace the current booking. 

  • If you decline the request, the current booking will stay as-is. 

Notification message to kitchen email:

Booking change requests on Scheduling tab:


If a client wants to edit their booking within your kitchen's cancellation policy window, there are a few limitations. 

Before the cancellation policy window

The food business can modify, move, extend, or shorten the booking and reserved equipment.

Inside the cancellation policy window  

The food business can extend their booking and add equipment. They cannot shorten their booking, remove equipment, or change the date of their booking.

After the booking takes place, on the same day of the booking

The food business can move the booking, increase the length of the booking, and/or add equipment.

After the booking takes place, beyond that day

The food business cannot modify the booking. 

Note: Any food business can always cancel a booking before it starts, though a cancellation fee may be applied if the booking is cancelled within the kitchen's cancellation penalty window.

To change the booking approval setting for a client, go to your Clients tab > Edit Client > Automatically Approve (yes or no).

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