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Final steps in setting up your kitchen

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As a member of The Food Corridor, your kitchen gets a free Preferred Listing on The Kitchen Door! This is a marketing tool for your business, so potential food business renters can discover your kitchen and what you have to offer.

Create your Kitchen Listing

Go to The Kitchen Door to create your listing!


Kitchen Name. This is your kitchen’s business name.

Website. Where should folks find you on the web? This can be your own website or a social media page.

Detailed description. Describe your kitchen. What makes you unique? What kind of renters do you accept? What are your hours of operation? Do you have any special policies or procedures you want renters to be aware of BEFORE they contact you? This is the area to describe your value proposition.

Price. Describe your monthly rates, price per hour, and/or membership plans. You can also include additional fees such as storage, parking, or anything else you charge for in the kitchen.

Features & Equipment. Specify any additional equipment or services your kitchens offers, this is what can make your kitchen unique!

Requirements. What kind of renters are you looking to attract to your kitchen?

Contact information. Who do you want to receive the messages from interested food businesses?

Images. Upload at least a few photos of your kitchen and equipment.

*Note: Please use JPG, GIF, or PNG images that are 666 by 440 pixels for the best results.

Submit your listing for approval!

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