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How can I take a partial payment from my client?
How can I take a partial payment from my client?
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There are 2 options to accommodate partial payments: 

Option 1: Adjust an outstanding payment

Go to the client's Statement and click the dropdown on the failed or outstanding charge, and click "Add Adjustment." Adjust the amount so that the total reflects the partial payment of what you want to charge now. 

Once adjusted, click "Charge Now."

Then, you'll want to re-add the amount that you deducted as a one-time fee, and set that fee to charge on a date in the future. That way you capture the full amount owed. Clients tab > Client > Fees/Credits > Add Fee/Credit > Custom.

Option 2: Manually collect a partial payment outside TFC

To record a partial payment that you collect outside the platform, you'll edit the client to set them to "yes" for manual payment processing, then go to their Statement and click "Record Payment." Here, you can enter the partial amount that was paid to you.  

Then, go back to "edit client" and set them to "no" for manual payment processing.

Their outstanding balance should now show the remaining amount, which you'll be able to charge by clicking "Charge Now" on a date of your choosing.

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