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How do I postpone collecting payment from one monthly bill?
How do I postpone collecting payment from one monthly bill?
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You have two options to postpone collecting a payment on a monthly bill.

Option 1 - Change the billing date

Kitchen admins can change the due date of a pending monthly bill. To do this, go to Billing Tab > Client Profile > click "change billing date" under the pending bill.

Choose the date you'd like the monthly bill to be charged. The client will now be charged on the new selected date.


Option 2 - Set the client to manual

This option is a bit more cumbersome. If you switch the client to "manual payment processing" in their settings, the system will not automatically bill them. We never attempt to bill clients automatically who are on 'manual' payment processing.

To set a client to manual, go to Clients > Click on the client name > Click 'Edit' next to Payment > Turn 'Manual Payment Only' ON > Save.

Once you are ready to charge them, switch them off manual (back to automatic payment processing) then charge the bill by going to the client's statement > clicking the drop down arrow on the selected charge > clicking Charge Now.

*If instead of billing them through the system, if you just take a check or cash from them, make sure to record the payment in the client's statement, otherwise the client will get weekly payment reminders. Need help recording a payment for a manual client? Check out this article to help you record the manual payment.

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