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How do I record payments for clients on 'manual'?
How do I record payments for clients on 'manual'?

How to reconcile a bill for a client on manual payment processing

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Recording manual payments is a necessary action for kitchen admins who accept payments outside TFC. Here, we will cover how you can record manual payments so that you and your clients will have a better picture of what they owe.

What are Manual Payments?

Clients on "manual" will be able to use all of the same platform services as your other clients, and invoices will still be generated for them. The only difference is that The Food Corridor will not try to bill them automatically. Clients who are set to manual payment processing can pay you outside of The Food Corridor via cash, check, e-payment, etc.

When you receive a payment from the client, you will need to manually reconcile the bill by recording the payment under the Client's Statement. If you do not record the payment, the system will send payment reminders to the client until you do so.

To reconcile the payment, go to Clients tab > Client > Statement > Record Payment > Click the bill you want the payment to apply to Under 'Apply to Specific Bill' > Enter the payment amount > Select payment type > Select the Payment Date > Add notes, such as a check number (optional) > Click 'Record Payment.'

By reconciling the payment, this will keep your reporting and revenue accurate.

Platform fees

Note that for kitchens on the Professional Plan or Annual Plan, the 2% platform fee still applies to manual payments. For kitchens on the Starter Plan, this is 8%.

If you have externalized your platform fees, then you will be collecting those at the same time as you receive the client's payment, and you'll see this added to the client's bill. In this case, the 2% charge mentioned above will simply be capturing that.

As for the actual charge for these small amounts, The Food Corridor will sum up the 2% platform fees for manual payments over each month. If the total amount of platform fees is over $5, we charge that to the payment method on file for the kitchen on the 1st of the following month. If the total is under $5, it will roll over to the next month, and so on. Kitchens can view their Manual Platform Fees report (Reporting tab > Payments > Manual Platform Fees) to see what manual platform fees have been paid and what's coming up.

Looking for more information on Manual Payment Processing? Check out this article.

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